Jazz à sexta – 2

Bill Evans, o gigante do jazz (1929-1980)

Bill Evans You Must Believe in Spring (Full Album)

(…) I think I read somewhere that Bill Evans wrote this album in memory of loved ones who had died. These aren’t sad songs. They’re beautiful and they bring me back to that cabin in Mexico. They bring me back to the memories of this place that I loved. I think that’s what Bill Evans intended: not to mourn or cry, but to draw upon the beautiful memories of lost things, to remind us that the things we have in life are not to be possessed or controlled but to be experienced in the purest sense of that word, and then… Well, sometimes these things have to go. Sometimes, our beautiful things can’t stay.

Citação de quem divulgou este disco no YouTube

  • 0:00 A1 B Minor Waltz (For Ellaine)
  • 3:16 A2 You Must Believe in Spring
  • 8:58 A3 Gary’s Theme
  • 13:15 A4 We Will Meet Again (For Harry)
  • 17:20 B1 The Peacocks
  • 23:21 B2 Sometime Ago
  • 27:57 B3 Theme From M*A*S*H (aka Suicide Is Painless)

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